mark douglas is a multi-dimensional artist, composer and teacher residing in vancouver, british columbia ~ he has experimented in various media and collaborated in many communal ventures including music and dance, multimedia, photography and community gardening ~ these pages represent a few of his works with photographic images... enjoy!

sonic boom festival

i was one of a group of young composers - primarily from simon fraser university - who created the first series of sonic boom festivals of contemporary music in the late 1980s. the festival has matured considerably from the original (and occasionally wacky -- even embarrassing) days of free-for-all unadjudicated submissions. 
guest artist michael murray prompted me to make a submission for this years festival and i am happy to have had it selected. my work is part of the march 23 program at st. philips church in vancouver bc. for more information on the festival, here's a link (Sonic Boom image artwork by Jen Crane):

Sonic Boom Festival

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